Our Story

Our Story

Energy as a synonym for will-power, strength, and performance was the main inspiration for the development of BINA natural sports cosmetics. Without compromise, we put all our energies and the experience gained from professional sport into the development of cosmetic products which, we believe, will open up new possibilities for you.

All sport is hard on the body. The right care can help you avoid injury and improve your performance. And quality recovery will get you back in the game quicker. We've developed a range of functional, natural sports cosmetics to bring you joy from exercise, improve your performance, and make your day-today life more pleasant.

With care and an eye for detail, we've tested our products on professional sportsmen and in everyday life.

Our products resonate with our life philosophy. That's why, when we came up with our recipes, we insisted on using herbs and natural products which stimulate the life processes of the human body and whose healing powers have been proven over centuries. And none of our products contain any doping substances.

Broaden your horizons and discover new possibilities! We support and are always happy to help anyone who tries to do this.

Where to buy

BINA sports cosmetics are currently distributed in the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain.

We look forward soon to adding other regions where our products will be available.

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